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Yes! Our newbies can buy our newbie pack for Yoga, Barre and Reformer Pilates here.

Check out our Newbie page for all you need to know about joining Lab for the first time!

You can purchase a credit pack via Packages.

Click here for our full list of package options. Prices will vary for e.g. beginner vs intermediate classes, and if you want to learn yoga vs wanting to join our yoga or barre instructor course.

You can do so via the schedule page here.

We have seven studios – Thomson, Stanley, Duxton, Holland Village, Joo Chiat & East Coast. You can have a look here.

Yes, all our studios have shower facilities available. Soap & Shampoo will be provided. Do bring along your towel!

Our studios offer over 200 classes a week, with over 10 types of classes available!

  • Holland Village: Barre 
  • Stanley: Barre, Yoga, Reformer Pilates
  • East Coast: Yoga
  • Joo Chiat: Barre
  • Duxton: Barre & Yoga
  • Thomson: Barre, Yoga, Reformer Pilates

Yes of course! Barre works on any body type.

1) The emphasis on tiny movements in barre works each muscle to its absolute edge making it a great way to enhance endurance and strengthen muscles!

2) Most men have tight, stiff bodies and are not stretching enough; barre brings into play active and passive stretches making it easy to loosen up tight muscles and improve flexibility.

There are incredible benefits and interesting challenges of barre for men that will surprise you when you start practicing!

Check out our Barre Lab Academy page – where we inspire you to inspire others during our barre teacher training programme. We also have yoga training classes which you can check out!

Everyone can benefit and enjoy barre classes at Barre Lab. Absolutely no ballet, dance or pilates experience required. A desire for a low-impact challenge is all that you need! Have fun, and discover a new sense of grace and strength with us 💕

Barre fitness is a total body workout focused on small isometrics movements. Barre combines fundamental techniques of ballet, movement flow of Yoga, and precise body principle of Pilates which makes it an effective way to sculpt, and create a long, lean and toned body in ways that few other workouts can. It is low-impact but absolutely challenging!

Come in workout attire, bring your fun self and get ready for some burn! Grippy socks are optional.

Most definitely not – it is a myth that you have to be flexible to do so! In fact, by practicing yoga regularly, you can gain flexibility and strength with time.
Bring along a bottle of water and a towel to wipe down your sweat!

You can start with our Yoga Basics for a good start to your practice. Thereafter, you can explore Yoga Playground, Yoga Flow and more!

We have Yoga/Barre Prenatal Group Classes available weekly! You may have a look at our schedule here.
Prenatal Pilates classes are Private Reformer Pilates classes. To sign up, check it out here.

We have instructions available on our Instagram! Head to our IG page under “Highlights” to check out more info.