Barre classes provide a low-impact workout that is accessible to people of all fitness levels and ages, making it a great way to introduce them to the joy of exercise. Barre is not only an excellent way to stay fit and toned, but can also provide ample opportunities for growth as an instructor. With the right qualifications and training, you can become a successful barre instructor who positively impacts students’ lives. 

If you are looking for a career that offers great rewards without sacrificing your passion for barre, becoming a barre teacher might be the perfect fit. Not only will you be able to share your love of fitness with others, but you also get to enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with being a barre teacher. 

This article covers the benefits of completing a barre teacher training programme and how Lab Studios can help in the process of becoming a certified barre instructor.

1. Expands Your Knowledge Base

Enrolling in a barre teacher training programme is a great way to expand your knowledge base of barre and take your fitness career to the next level. Through barre teacher training, you will learn how to lead safe and effective classes that will keep your students motivated and inspired. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of teaching barre, but you will also get a chance to explore new choreography and exercises. This will give you the opportunity to design unique classes that will keep your clients coming back.

2. Create a Strong Sense of Community

The barre teacher training programme is much more than just learning the moves and teaching classes. Barre classes are a wonderful way for teachers to create a strong sense of community among their students. As a trained barre instructor, you will be able to create an atmosphere that encourages connection and camaraderie, which can help build a supportive environment for students to reach their fitness goals. A sense of community will also allow students to create an emotional connection to the class, making their experience more enjoyable. Also, bringing your own unique style and personality to your classes will make the session further inspiring for students. Pursuing barre is a great opportunity to help others reach their full potential while having fun and getting fit yourself.

3. Earn from Your Passion

Becoming a barre teacher can be incredibly rewarding, both financially and personally. Not only do you get to share your passion with others, but you also have the opportunity to earn from it. With the right training and dedication, you could make teaching barre your full-time career or even start your own business. 

Earning proper certification through our barre teacher training programme will help you have the foundation established that will help you in starting your own group barre classes in Singapore. As a barre instructor, you will learn to deliver personalised instructions tailored specifically to your client’s needs that will allow you to take private classes as well.

Turn Your Passion for Barre into a Career with Lab Studios

If you have always wanted to use your knowledge of barre by teaching others, now is the time. Becoming a barre teacher offers many exciting and rewarding opportunities. If you want to deepen your barre knowledge as a teacher, you can be a part of the barre teacher training programme at Lab Studios in Singapore to become a certified barre instructor.

At  Barre Lab Academy, you will learn a well-balanced version of barre  that involves the mindfulness of yoga, and the precision of Pilates. Our training will be the best, well-rounded and comprehensive guide that aims to deepen your barre knowledge as an instructor,  as well as imparting the required confidence to lead group barre classes. In addition, Barre Lab is the only  barre training school in Singapore that provides one-to-one mentorship to selected candidates post-training,  giving future barre instructors further insights into the business of barre.

Barre teacher training is not just about what you teach, rather how you make people feel in your class.  Here at Barre Lab, we want to teach you the “How” and “Why” of barre , along with “What”, so that you can become an exceptional teacher.

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