Barre, a physical form of exercise, has seen an increasing rise in popularity in the last decade and most recently, in Singapore. The activity, which takes reference in movements from ballet and combines them with positions in yoga and pilates, boasts many positive health benefits. Typically centred around small pulsing movements, with a focus on form, alignment and core engagement, Barre might seem daunting to newcomers but rest assured, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

The Benefits of Barre

The health benefits of Barre are comprehensive, to say the least. For many, the appeal of the activity comes from the development of lean muscle tones, not unlike those of a ballerina. Due to the rather physically demanding muscle use, Barre aids in rapid strength gain from repeated practice. This stems from the motions that were designed to exhaust and stretch every muscle group of the practitioner. The devil lies in the details, and maximum growth comes from practitioners adhering and keeping to perfect form as illustrated by instructors. Other benefits of Barre include improved posture and flexibility, which is key for those of us who spend hours at a desk, working sedentary office jobs. Say goodbye to chronic back pains or stiffness as you begin your Barre journey.

Compared to other popular types of exercises in Singapore, Barre targets core muscle groups with extremely specific poses – this results in an extremely effective and low-impact routine, perfect for those suffering from past injuries or worried about worsening existing injuries. Traditional exercises that boost strength gains, such as weight training or high-intensity callisthenics, are often explosive in nature and take a huge toll on the practitioner’s body upon recovery.

Barre Classes at Barre Lab

Beginners and acolytes alike might seem frazzled at the thought of practising Barre due to its complex terms and technical forms. At Barre Lab, classes stay away from dance terms in order to make Barre inclusive and accessible by learners of all levels. By using layman terms, it makes Barre classes accessible for everyone and anyone. In addition, Barre Lab incorporates mindfulness first, focusing a lot on doing exercises right so that practitioners can get an effective workout instead of focusing on learning the terms. As we mentioned earlier, optimal results come from executing each pose to perfection, in order to truly maximise the effect of the activity.

At Barre Lab, there are a plethora of classes suited for almost every possible intended workout goal. We highly suggest our Barre Signature Class, which combines elements of yoga, dance, and pilates into a fun and upbeat full-body workout. Designed for Barre practitioners of all levels, come in expecting a jovial and lighthearted class, with lots of big smiles and deep burns.

For those gunning for a more high-intensity workout, Barre Lab’s Barre Cardio class should be your natural choice. A combination of cardio, strength and conditioning focuses on muscle endurance, total body toning and sculpting. There is, of course, a twist here – high-intensity interval training is one thing, but with the addition of Barre moves, you’ll leave this class with the strength of a warrior and the grace of a dancer.

Finally, a well-rounded class designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners looking to work out muscle knots. The Barre Burn and Stretch class focuses on toning and lengthening major muscle groups, improving blood circulation throughout the body. Leave with your mind and body recharged as you go through strength and mindfulness practises from Pilates and Yoga respectively. Work at your own pace, as our instructors guide you through the proper techniques purposefully, in order to provide the best experience possible.

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Whether you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, or need to continue your New Year Resolution of keeping fit, sign up at Barre Lab and #RAISETHEBARRE today. With inclusive classes that are suitable for everyone and anyone, even prenatal women, there’s no reason to try your hand at Barre today.

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