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A successful teacher knows that it’s not about what you teach, but how your students feel in your classes.
Your students will remember how you made them feel in your classes, not just what you taught them.

At Lab Studio, our philosophy stems from the belief in creating the best barre experience possible for our students. Beyond the ‘what’, we’ll guide you through the ‘how’ and ‘why’ to help you build a strong foundation needed to be the exceptional teacher we know you can be!

We promise to deliver excellence in everything we do, including our barre teacher training programme.


5-8, 14-15 JAN 2023

9am to 6pm

you are right where you need to be

We took years to discover the perfect combination of grace and grit. We incorporate mindfulness into an approachable and fun method.

Your Investment

Foundation only : $1,000

Foundation + Essentials : $1,500

36 hours in-person training

20 hours post course assignment

welcome pack

Realising Your Fullest Potential

Founded with a strong mission of creating safe, accessible spaces in Singapore for individuals to explore their practice, Lab Studios is dedicated to helping you achieve your fullest barre potential and more. Discover what you and your body can do with our programmes, each designed with different types of classes and sequences to help you find the practice which you’re most comfortable with. Besides Barre Lab, we also offer the Yoga Lab, as well as Flow Lab (pilates).