It was Einstein who once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. For many yoga practitioners, the instructors leading their sessions have the power to make or break their experience. A truly effective Yoga Instructor is able to integrate the core tenets of focus and intention within each pose and flow, making a seemingly tricky session feel effortless.

Earlier this month, we sat down with two yoga instructors in Singapore, Benny and Xin Hui. Proud graduates of the, Yoga Lab School, we hear more about how they got started as Yoga Instructors and their journey deeper into the practice.

Why did you decide to become a yoga instructor?

Benny: Well, the initial decision to take up the Teacher’s Training was rooted in a self-enrichment experience, and to further deepen my understanding of my own yoga practice.

Xin Hui: I was a practitioner for 12 years before attending Yoga Teacher’s Training). Up until then, I was very much a yoga “consumer” – committing and giving to yoga, signing up for workshops, and attending yoga retreats. I recognised the programme as an opportunity to gain further value from yoga after all the time spent and invested in it. I also spent a ton of time staying back after classes to help provide my peers with pointers, and Yoga Teacher Training felt like a way for me to solidify my knowledge and help people even more.

Why did you choose Yoga Lab School as your academy of choice?

Benny: Frankly, Yoga Lab Teacher Training had a modern approach, while keeping true to the essence of Yoga. To me, infusing modern contexts to training makes it so much easier to reconcile traditional and modern lifestyles. Yoga Lab also gives its graduates the freedom and opportunity to teach in their studios with plenty of encouragement and exposure.

Xin Hui: Well I chose to do my Yoga Teacher with Lab Studios for a variety of reasons such as proximity, price, and flexibility in scheduling. However in hindsight, one of the key reasons for which I will forever be grateful for, was the mentors (Shoutout to Betty and Jasmine! Amazing practitioners and mentors) In addition, Lab Studios also had an extremely well thought out and comprehensive syllabus with a strong community of mentors and practitioners. The mentorship and friends I’ve made are truly lifelong!

What can you share about the training programme at Yoga Lab?

Benny: I thoroughly enjoyed Yoga Lab Teacher Training, and its infusion of modern and classical themes.. When combined, the two styles make it much more approachable and relatable. The training regime and syllabus itself is intensive and strict, ensuring that every student who graduates will be able to spread their understanding and love of Yoga to the community.

Xin Hui: I love Yoga Teacher Training with Lab Studios because the mentorship and community door remains open even after the yoga instructor course is over. Lab Studios has ready teaching facilities and a very warm and welcoming community of practitioners. In my experience, Yoga Teacher Training was a transformative journey and truly a life-changing chapter that I honestly wish everyone can experience for themselves. This course not only imparts the necessary skills for teaching and instruction but also allows you to deepen your own practice and live your yoga.

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