October Activities

Are you ready for a month packed with excitement and a dash of spooktacular fun? Lab Studios welcomes October with a lineup of events, workshops, and promotions that will make your fitness journey a blast. Let’s dive into October and discover what this month has in store for you! Cupcake Artistry and Barre Bliss: Sweet […]

FAQs of Lab Retreat

Hotel Komune resort and beach club is the most ideal getaway destination. The sun, sea, facilities, fantastic service and amazing food! In 2022, Jasmine and Leandra hosted Lab’s first ever Retreat there and it was a huge success, so we’re bringing it back this year again! A beautiful beach resort set on the lush East […]

5 Benefits of Enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that can help you stay healthy both mentally and physically. It is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to improve physical strength, flexibility, and breathing. With regard to mental benefits, yoga can help improve focus and relieve stress, as well as relax and clear the […]

Benefits of Getting a Barre Certification in Singapore

Barre classes provide a low-impact workout that is accessible to people of all fitness levels and ages, making it a great way to introduce them to the joy of exercise. Barre is not only an excellent way to stay fit and toned, but can also provide ample opportunities for growth as an instructor. With the […]

Yoga, Pilates, or Barre – Benefits During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time in every woman’s life. However, it can also be a time of discomfort and pain. Your centre of gravity shifts, your posture changes, and your abdominal muscles stretch and weaken. All these changes can lead to pain and discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulders.  Thankfully, exercise can […]

4 Type of Workouts And Their Health Benefits

Regular workout has many health benefits, and most people tend to focus on one type of workout, thinking it to be enough. However, there are different types of workouts, each one with various benefits, that you can do to improve your health and fitness. Workouts are important for several reasons. They can help to improve […]