A fitness trend on the rise, yoga and barre have become massively popular in Singapore over the past few years. Off the back of COVID-19 social distancing lockdowns and a shift towards employees working from home, Singaporeans across the island have taken to physical activities and exercise such as barre to keep fit.

Step into any yoga or Barre studio in Singapore, and chances are you’ll be greeted by a variety of classes to meet your fitness needs. Whether it’s a more introductory barre class or something with a higher intensity involving cardio, there is no denying the effectiveness each class has.

If you’re still unsure about the effectiveness of a barre class, read on to find out how you can benefit from the different variations and intensities offered.

What Is Barre

A workout technique that synthesises components of ballet, yoga, and pilates – barre is a low-impact and high-intensity full-body exercise that is geared toward building strength. Through small, repeated, and isolated movements in targeted muscle groups, barre can also be viewed as a muscle endurance activity.

Mainly targeting muscle groups like the hips, glutes, thighs, and core, the usual barre routine aims to improve core strength and develop stabilising muscles in the shoulders and hip girdles. Furthermore, the isometric exercises and small movements in each barre class promise to enhance flexibility while improving your body posture and natural alignment.

The best part about barre is that each session’s activity and flow can be adjusted based on any specific requirements. As we mentioned earlier, practitioners can opt for a more stretch-oriented class like Lab Studio’s Barre Burn and Stretch, which focuses on toning and lengthening major muscle groups. You can even try out their Barre Beats or Barre Cardio for a higher intensity and more exhilarating workout. The Barre Signature is the most popular class type with a good blend of everything.

The Sculpting Benefits Of Barre

The key benefits of barre are plenty, stemming from the unique way barre is conducted. Due to the ballet-influenced movements, barre practitioners can expect improved flexibility and enhanced balance. The full-body workout keeps joints warm while heightening an individual’s range of movements.

When practised regularly, barre helps build strength from repetition. Resistance exercises utilise each practitioner’s body weight to increase muscle definition and endurance without putting excessive strain on the body. Barre is easier on the body compared to strength training with free weights. This implies lesser injuries and makes Barre a great complementary cross-training activity for those with already packed fitness calendars.

Finally, barre is said to help improve focus as well. Practitioners must be conscious and thoughtful with each form, requiring specific attention to particular movements and held positions. Regular barre sessions hone the individual’s focus and sharpen their attention span through the course of the activity.

Debunking The Myths Of Barre Classes

With all its benefits, barre classes still possess some negative connotations and myths about them in Singapore. Stemming from misconceptions about barre’s associated activities, the zeitgeist of popular belief would have people think that barre is more attuned to female sensibilities. This association has thus led to the first common myth surrounding barre, purporting that “men don’t do barre” – a wholly untrue fact. If anything, the opposite is true. As we have discussed, there are many incredible benefits for all who practise barre.

The next myth surrounding barre is that “it doesn’t burn enough calories.” To bust this myth, let’s examine the number of calories barre burns compared to other fitness activities.

A runner will burn an average of 280 to 520 calories for 30 minutes of running, depending on their weight and speed. Thirty minutes of swimming will burn 250 calories. A regular barre session burns about 250 calories for an average person and sometimes goes up to 400 for high-intensity sessions.

Finally, the last common misconception is that “all barre classes are the same.” Although smaller studios might have fewer variations to offer, most reputable yoga and barre studios in Singapore have a wide range of barre classes offered. From prenatal barre for pregnant moms who want to strengthen their bodies to flexibility-based barre classes for those who want to work on their agility and dexterity, there is a wide variety of barre classes for every fitness level.

#RaiseTheBarre With Barre Lab by Lab Studios

Whether you’re looking to keep in shape, strengthen those muscles, or just want a good sweat, barre workouts offer so much. Find out more about the barre classes at Lab Studios Singapore, or simply sign up for them and #RaiseTheBarre with us today.

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