The story of Good Friday. This might sound preach-y but is not the point although I will be using characters of the bible to bring across a point.

Jesus was crucified on a Friday (therefore as Christians, we celebrate this day), and He was resurrected on Sunday. And when Jesus was alive, He had people who followed him around, we call them His disciples. Jesus claimed to be the son of God and these disciples believed. You can only imagine the shock and the disappointment they felt when Jesus was killed. I mean, doesn’t being the son of God mean you wont ‘lose’ much less get killed. It was pretty much GAME OVER for the disciples, many of whom gave up many things to follow Jesus.

Going through Friday and Saturday must have sucked. We might think, it was only three days what could be so tough? But they did not know on Friday that Sunday was gonna come! They were completely loss of all hopes. I can only imagine the darkness they were in.

This post is about the wait.

What do you do when all hopes are lost? What do we do when life knocks the wind out of us.

Exhale the pain

You hear this a lot on the mat but how does it apply to life off the mat? (Who can relate to the forever hold in Benny’s yin class).

Just like a muscle that hasn’t been stretched in a long time or an old injury that never got fixed. What you keep inside of you and bury under for too long will become stale. And that staleness will eventually come out of you as the way you speak and think.

The first time you encounter the pain with breath might bring tears. Healing is taking place, trust the process. Exhale the pains and the regrets. I don’t know what your pain is. But I invite you to let it go, free that space of toxicity and allow fresh life and breath to come in.

Inhale the present

I did a HIIT class once. I almost died. Literally. I thought I was going to die. Let’s just say HIIT really hits me. I saw stars, it was so difficult to catch my next breath and I was on the ground just trying to catch my next breath. The inhale feels too short, there is not enough oxygen to fill me up and the exhale is catching up and before I know it the next breathe needs to come in quick to keep this heart pumping. Just how long can I keep this up for?

Just breathe, Jasmine. Just breathe.

It took me a good 30 minutes after class to finally catch my breath. But life came back.

I would like to propose that some of our situations in life is not dead but instead just out of breath. It could be a relationship, an illness or business. It feels dark because we are on that ground catching our breath.

Maybe what some of us need to do is to just breathe. Let every breath be a new breath. Flush life into the dry lungs again.

Speak life into the future.

What if I told you your words can determine your future. Would you change the way you speak about your situation? You have the power to go home today to prophesy over your children, your partner, your business, your pain and your sickness.

You have to keep speaking good to your situation until flesh builds on those dry bones. Speak until you see good happening and before then, don’t stop. Because you and your breath has power to change things.

This is not saying ‘good vibes only’ but instead questioning what you believe in. Don’t let the wait mislead you into thinking there is no more good in your future. All the evil in the world is working to convince you of that because once you lose hope, you lose the power to prophesy good into your future. Don’t let evil win.

Believe in good for your future. Speak good into it. With that fresh breath in your lungs, breathe life into your future.


Good Friday is not the end but the beginning. This marks hope, new beginnings and the end of a silent dark wait. If you are still in that wait, keep walking. You don’t have to be running but keep walking. Sunday is right around the corner. <3