We went back to the drawing board when designing this warm up.

It is so important to us at Lab that we guide you to move with intention.

We wanted out Barre Signature class to truly combine the essence of Yoga, Dance and Pilates, more specifically, the mindfully of yoga, gracefulness of dance and precision of pilates. And we wanted that to come through to you on the mat right from the beginning of class!


We all know how crazy it can be to rush to the studio for class and sometimes you get to the studios just in time for your workout!

So let’s settle down and BREATHE…. Allow your body to melt down between your legs and give yourself the time and space to come back to yourself and to your breath. Feel your breath move into the spaces at the back of your ribs.


We want to free the body with movement and breath. We want you to feel good and expansive!! This warm up includes movements in all directions and planes creating spaces in the body so you feel refreshed and ready for more shake and burn!


Now let’s get the heart rate up. We included these beautiful easy to follow dynamic movements accompanied with big breaths. One breath one movement and we are on our way to getting the heart rate up! Watch out for those sneaky little pulses too!


We are sharing the magic of this sequence now. The essence of it all and what makes this sequence so addictive. It has a little bit of everything you need to get started. You are feeling good, you are feeling strong and you are feeling aligned ready to get the barre party started!

Our Barre Signature class is your perfect barre playground designed to serve practitioners of all levels!