Positive thinking can be powerful.

Just like anything done in excess, when positivity is used to cover the full human experience, it becomes problematic. By disallowing the existence of certain feelings, we fall into a state of denial and repressed emotions. We are human. And humans are flawed. We can not positively think our way out of a toxic relationship or poor health. We need these negative emotions to reflect and grow.

We also need people who will keep us in check when we are uprooted or out of integrity. If not, we all fall into an echo chamber of self delusion just because everything always looks like rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. The people I love most are also the people who are willing to challenge me and call me out. And they would let me know that it is okay to mess up, and it is okay to restart and try again. And it is okay to not feel okay all the time. They make me feel real. Feel human.

Feel what you need to feel. Don’t deny yourself from negative emotions. It’s important to feel, to sense, to be these emotions. That might be jealousy, sadness, frustration, anger, or resentment.

Know that suffering is part of life.

Bad vibes are good, because they make the good times even better.

Give yourself the permission to feel the good vibes, the bad vibes and everything in between.