Are you ready for a month packed with excitement and a dash of spooktacular fun? Lab Studios welcomes October with a lineup of events, workshops, and promotions that will make your fitness journey a blast. Let’s dive into October and discover what this month has in store for you!

Cupcake Artistry and Barre Bliss: Sweet & Fit: Cupcake Deco

For our young artistic souls and their moms, we present “Sweet & Fit: Cupcake Deco” on October 15th at 11 AM. This event is a delightful combination of a 30-minute Barre class and a 15-minute cupcake decorating session. Get those creative juices flowing and enjoy a fantastic bonding experience for just one credit!

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Themed Classes to Jazz Up Your Routine

All month long, we’re adding a twist to your regular workout routine with themed classes. Get ready for “Barre-oween” at Barre Lab, “Arm Balances” at Yoga Lab, and a special “Breast Cancer Fundraiser” at Flow Lab on October 21st. The best part? Your participation directly contributes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Join in and let’s make fitness fun for a cause!

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Master Your Moves: Workshops

For those looking to level up their fitness game, we’ve got workshops lined up just for you. Join us for the “Arm Balance Workshop” on October 14th from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM, taught by Cherlene & Pamela. Plus, mark your calendars for the “Align & Unwind Barre Workshop” on November 18th and 19th from 2 PM to 4 PM, led by the amazing Jing Jing.

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Unbeatable October Promotions

For Reformer classes enthusiasts, our “Beat GST HIKE Flow Pack” is a steal. Get 50 classes for only $1600 or go big with 80 classes for $2400. Share them with friends and keep the energy flowing for 6-9 months.

Get Ready For An Exciting Month Ahead!

October is indeed a month to remember at Lab Studios. It’s about sweating it out, having fun, supporting meaningful causes, and making the most of fabulous promotions. Don’t let this month pass you by – sign up now and let’s make October awesome! See you at Lab Studios!