3 easy barre moves to tone and sculpt your inner thighs as demonstrated by Jasmine!


Side Lunges

Start in a wide stance and toes pointed out to 10 and 2 o’clock.

Start by bend one leg while keeping the other straight. Bend your knee out to the direction of your second toe. Hinge forward at your hip with a straight back. Sit as low as you can while still keeping your bum sticking out (no tuck here!) Go side to side for about 15 rep, 3 sets.

Spice things up:

Add a twist and arm extension

Wide Second Plie

From your side lunges, straighten both legs and stand tall.

Keeping a straight spine (without leaning forward), start to bend both knees into your plie position again aiming for your knees to reach out towards your second toes.

Alignment check:

Ear in line with shoulders, shoulders in line with hips, hips in line with heels.

Knees stack on top of ankles when in the bent position

Knees in line with second toes.

Go up and down 15 times for 3 sets

Add in tiny pulses at the bottom for 30seconds.

Spice things up: Add in heel lifts!

Sumo Squats

From your wide second position, hinge forward from your hips to take this into a sumo squat. Hold belly in tight and watch your ribs (they tend to pop forward). You can keep your hands down on the floor to facilitate balance or fly them off whenever you are ready.

Keep pressing down into those heels!

Hold for 15 second, add 10 tiny pulses. Repeat 3 times.