Our favourite Annual 15 Day Challenge is back this Jan 2022!

Simply attend 15 days of consecutive Barre, Yoga or Reformer Pilates classes and receive a $50 voucher off your next package with us! 15 days might seem daunting at first, but here are some tips to (smash) your 15 goals.

Schedule your workout around your week.

Lab Studios has a great variety of workout types and classes available, so there’s something for everyone, at any point in time. Stressful day coming up? Sign in for a Yoga Yin or Yoga Basics class! Long day of meetings and sitting down all the way? A Reformer Jumpboard Pilates or a Barre Burn and Stretch might just be what you need to get your groove back. (our booking now opens 8 days in advance so you can plan ahead!)

Step out of your comfort zone and try a new class.

Don’t stick to just 1 form of workout for all 15 days! Step out of your usual class / workout types and try something new in the buffet of class types we have – who knows, you just might find a new go-to workout this 2022! Most of our Lab packages lets you access all our locations and class types, so try something new today!

Always have a spare set of workout gear (and socks!) in your bag.

We have classes all throughout the day, so if you realise that you’ve got an empty pocket of time, we’ve always got a class available so don’t let a busy schedule keep you from completing your 15 days! We do need socks for Reformer Pilates and Barre classes, so keep a spare pair in your bag always!

Workout with a friend!

Attending class with a friend always provides some extra motivation, and that meal after is just that bit more rewarding (; we have a Lab Sharing Pack of 25 sessions, so grab a friend and those 15 days will fly by SO QUICK!