Well can we talk about this please. Has anyone else been feeling really uninspired overall stuck? I know I definitely am! It could be the fact that we do not know when we can next travel or the general covid-fatigue that we are all experiencing.

So, what do you do when you feel uninspired? Here are 3 ways I found momentum again and unstuck myself!

Do something new

Let’s face it, we will probably not get to travel in 2021. While I was really sad that travel is still not possible, I also rejoice knowing I can take control of this year and make it work.

I have been thinking of doing the Pilates instructor course for a long time now. But have never found the time and commitment to start knowing that the full course would take a whole year and most of my weekends away. Also, it is going to be a huge financial investment. Year on year, I pushed it away, choosing to travel over taking the instructor course.

2021 turned out to be the perfect year to do this! I started on my course with Balanced Body since January and if all goes well, I will be a fully certified Pilates instructor by the end of this year! Saying yes to this new thing allowed this yoga and barre body to learn so many new things about a different type of movement. It helped me understand my body better. It also helped me teach better yoga and barre classes! It opened up new possibilities for me!

But it didn’t start with saying yes to the big thing immediately. It started with saying yes to different types of movements, one class and then two and then ten and finally I garnered enough courage to say yes to the course!

Is there something new you can say yes to? Something that you have been wanting to do but never found the right time to. Or perhaps you can start with taking a different class type? If you are a die-hard yogi, maybe try a barre class. Or if you only do barre, experience how different a yoga class can be and what it can do for you  The beautiful thing is that your package at Lab Studios allows for you to do all classes (yoga and barre) across all locations! And if you are looking to do more…. You’ll be happy to know that we are looking to do instructor training courses for both yoga and barre at Lab Studios this year!

Go back to where you find inspiration

This one was huge for me. I had a baby in October. And that means my time revolves around baby and in the first few months of his life, we prioritised his naps and sleep so other than the times I am out to teach, I am at home with him.

I am an extrovert. I get my inspiration and energy from talking to people and pretty much being OUTSIDE of my room and house. That was why the lockdown was so tough for me. I was running on empty! I was feeling mentally stuck because I was physically stuck too!

I started scheduling time to be out at my favourite cafes with my regular cuppa to get my brain juices going. I also started being open again to chat with random people I meet at places to exchanges ideas! In fact, I am writing this right at C café where literally magic happens and idea flow so much better!

Go back to where you find inspiration and start there. It might be on your mat, at the barre or like me at a café with your cup of coffee. You will find yourself a sweet 10% discount off beverages at C-café in our community tab too! Let us know where the places are you go to for inspiration and we would like to reach out to them to work something out 

Hope again

Take care of yourself, reach out for help, connect with people again. Listen less to the news and more to hope-filled messages and people.

2021 is ours to claim. It is not easy but know that you are not alone in this! We are right here with you, for you.

<3 Jasmine