Hello… Belinda!

Belinda was introduced to Barre as a form of exercise from a friend who looked forward to every lesson at Barre Lab. Since then, Belinda never looked back and has been a regular student at Barre Lab! She benefited greatly from Barre and jumped on the opportunity to learn more when she heard about the Barre Lab Academy programme. “I really wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the workout and also to gain an appreciation of the alignment and instruction cues given by my barre instructions.”

Her favourite part of the programme was bonding and learning with the other students in the programme – many of them were regulars at Barre Lab but they never got to know each other better until they attended the training programme together.

A realtor by day, Belinda teaches part-time – “My passion for sharing the joy and many benefits of this wonderful exercise continue to motivate me to teach Barre.” In her free time, she loves to take walks by the beach and crochets!

How does this programme help you get job-ready to be an instructor? This is a very systematic programme that helps students understand how the human body functions, what exercises will work which muscles and it also covers how to give instructions, alignment cues and motivate the students.

What would be one thing you’ll want to tell a future student who’s looking to sign up? Do set an intention to make Barre a part of your life. Sore today, Strong tomorrow.

Hello… Chermain!

Chermain was introduce to Barre Lab when her friend brought her to a class – and fell in love with the structure and flow of the class, especially how it was a full body workout. Having danced when she was back in school, barre reminded her of her dance classes in the past which was an aspect she really enjoyed.

After practicing for more than 3 years, often going for classes up to 4-5 times a week, she realized how much she loved it and wanted to spread her love of barre. “Jasmine and Leandra were both extremely encouraging and showed that they really believed in me, which gave me the extra confidence boost to try out the training programme.”

Her favourite part of the programme was the in-depth discussion of anatomy and linking it to barre classes. Plus, she also loved the camaraderie and friendships formed through Barre Lab Academy! Chermain works as a Business Insight Analyst during the day, and decided to teach because she enjoyed the interactions she gets to have with the students. “I feel a strong sense of achievement and fulfillment after each class, especially since I get to see them progress as they get stronger after each class!”

In her free time, she loves exploring new cafes and working towards building a social enterprise.

How does this programme help you get job-ready to be an instructor? The practice teach sessions equipped me with the additional hands-on practice needed for me to find my own style, as well as continually improve on my ability to provide the ideal cues. The class observations were also tremendously helpful as they provided an opportunity to learn from the other instructors.

What would be one thing you’ll want to tell a future student who’s looking to sign up? Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will! If you are passionate about barre and have thoughts about teaching barre, you should most definitely sign up! Upon completion of the programme, try to start teaching as soon as possible This way, you can ensure that you can apply all the knowledge you have gained immediately!