All my work-from-home warriors / breastfeeding mummies, this one is for you! Just 5 minutes and all you need is a chair and a wall to get you feeling all better.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

From top left clockwise

1) Sit on a chair with back support. Start by rolling your shoulder up back and down. Sit tall. Lose the hunch! Bring your arms behind you bringing one hand at a time to the back support. Interlace fingers if you can. Open up your chest to the sky with your inhale & keep your ribs in and down with your exhale.

2) Face the wall with one arm held up in a goalpost shape (90• at the elbow). Place arm on wall while still facing wall. Your shoulder might not touch the wall and thats ok. You just wanna guide it towards the wall. Keeping the elbow in line with shoulder, and keeping your shoulder as close to the wall as possible, slowly rotate your body away from the wall until you feel a stretch in your chest & shoulder. Be mindful that the rotation comes from the shoulders and not the hips.

3) This is a variation of number 2. But with straight arm instead of bent. Keep your hand slightly higher than shoulder level to begin. Being mindful to introduce a microbend at the elbow while turning body away. It will be easier to have your shoulder on the wall for this variation.

4) Face one-arm length distance away from the wall. Place hand on wall and walk hands up until it is above eye-level. Keep palms firmly pressing into wall and start to guide chest / armpits down towards floor.