We also offer privates for pre-natal, post natal, injury management, rehabilitation, athletic conditioning & sports performance.

We provide personalised classes to help you meet your fitness or recovery goals.


Improve your strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and postural alignment in sessions tailored to your unique condition, lifestyle or injury.

Private sessions are ideal for beginners or advanced practitioners who wish to advance their technique with more attention. Privates are also great for athletic conditioning, injury recovery and pre/post-natal. 

We offer one-on-one or duet private sessions for both reformer pilates, yoga or barre.

benefits of private classes

  1. Create an exercise plan that works for your body to reach your maximum fitness potential.

  2. Detailed supervision from a private instructor to ensure you’re practicing safely.

  3. Actually understand the exercises and proper technique with 1-on-1 instruction.

  4. Progress at a quicker rate with detailed instruction and access to the right props/tools.

  5. Zero stress! Don’t worry about doing something wrong or asking a question in a group class setting. We’re here to focus on just YOU!


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