Feeling Uninspired? 3 Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity.

Updated: Apr 2

Well can we talk about this please. Has anyone else been feeling really uninspired overall stuck? I know I definitely am! It could be the fact that we do not know when we can next travel or the general covid-fatigue that we are all experiencing.

So, what do you do when you feel uninspired? Here are 3 ways I found momentum again and unstuck myself!

Do something new

Let’s face it, we will probably not get to travel in 2021. While I was really sad that travel is still not possible, I also rejoice knowing I can take control of this year and make it work.

I have been thinking of doing the Pilates instructor course for a long time now. But have never found the time and commitment to start knowing that the full course would take a whole year and most of my weekends away. Also, it is going to be a huge financial investment. Year on year, I pushed it away, choosing to travel over taking the instructor course.

2021 turned out to be the perfect year to do this! I started on my course with Balanced Body since January and if all goes well, I will be a fully certified Pilates instructor by the end of this year! Saying yes to this new thing allowed this yoga and barre body to learn so many new things abou