What Do We Do When Life Knocks The Wind Out Of Us?

The story of Good Friday. This might sound preach-y but is not the point although I will be using characters of the bible to bring across a point.

Jesus was crucified on a Friday (therefore as Christians, we celebrate this day), and He was resurrected on Sunday. And when Jesus was alive, He had people who followed him around, we call them His disciples. Jesus claimed to be the son of God and these disciples believed. You can only imagine the shock and the disappointment they felt when Jesus was killed. I mean, doesn’t being the son of God mean you wont ‘lose’ much less get killed. It was pretty much GAME OVER for the disciples, many of whom gave up many things to follow Jesus.

Going through Friday and Saturday must have sucked. We might think, it was only three days what could be so tough? But they did not know on Friday that Sunday was gonna come! They were completely loss of all hopes. I can only imagine the darkness they were in.

This post is about the wait.